Family Fitness – Portage

08:00am Totally Pumped Dale
09:00am Power Step Sheri
10:00am Yoga Melissa
11:00am Zumba® Kim
12:00pm Extreme Total Body Sheila
04:30pm Total Body Megan
05:30pm Body Pump® Christine
06:30pm Zumba® Caroline
05:30am Body Pump® Shelby
06:30am Yoga Jess
08:00am Total Body Lydia
09:00am Step Mary Ann
10:00am Zumba® Toning Denise
04:30pm Body Pump® Kelly
05:30pm Danceology Emily
06:30pm Insanity® Meghan
05:30am Insanity® Dale
09:00am Power Step Jackie
10:00am Yoga-Core Jackie
11:00am Zumba® Toning Kim
12:00pm Extreme Total Body Sheila
05:00pm Abs Sheri
05:30pm Power Step Sheri
06:30pm Zumba® Danielle
05:30am Body Pump® Christine
08:00am Total Body Workout Lydia
09:00am 1/2 Abs & 1/2 Cardio Sheri
10:00am Zumba® Denise
04:30pm Body Pump® Aaron
05:30pm PIYO Jessica
06:30pm Yoga Melissa
07:30pm H.I.I.T. Jessica
08:00am Totally Pumped Dale
09:00am Power Step Sheri
10:00am Zumba® Hilary
11:00am Yoga Sudhir
12:00pm Low Impact Debbie
05:30pm Insanity® Meghan
08:15am Zumba® Emily
09:30am Power Step Staff
10:00am Abs Kelly
10:30am Body Pump® Kelly

Class Descriptions:

Body Pump® – The original barbell class that shapes, tones and strengthens your entire body

Insanity@reg; – Thrilling workout takes you through cardio drills, athletic conditioning, and explosive moves to make today limits tomorrow.

SilverSneakers@reg; – Have fun and move to the music through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement and activities for daily living.

Boot Camp – A workout that will kick you into shape. It consists of cardio, weights and abs.

Total Body Workout – An overall toning of each muscle group with intense concentration of the lower body and core.

Yoga – a class that helps concentration and mental focus using a system of exercises to promote control of body and mind.

Intro to Step – A beginner step class that teaches the participant the basic fundamentals and choreography of step aerobics.

Step – Next in Line after Intro to Step. Use what you’ve learned in Intro to Step to take you to the next level of aerobics.

Power Step – Power Step is a more intense version of Step Aerobics. More difficult choreography and at a much faster pace.

Ab Attack – Workouts targeting upper abs, lower abs, and obliques.