Membership & Facility Testimonials:


Powerhouse Family Fitness is a great place. The new equipment and always getting my questions answered couldn’t be better. Also, its never very crowded and at times it feels like its “MY OWN” gym

The gym is great and your help is much appreciated. I now look forward to working out. Staff is very helpful and sincere.

Everyone seems to care. I wish I could get there more.

Thanks for all your help. Keep up the good work

Powerhouse Family Fitness ROCKs.

I honestly love this gym, I continued to have great results even when the ownership changed. The fact that I come at least 3 times a week and latley more and I feel at home is awesome! If this was not a positive atmosphere and experience for me I would not be a member. Also Christie is the best I am so glad she writes programs for me and helps me get them started, I’m not a person who wants someone to watch over me and help me each time I come in. I greatly appreciate her and the other girls as well for the work they do for the gym I feel that this benifit is very positive and alot of gyms do not offer this they only offer personal trainers that you have to pay separate. A thousand thank you’s!!!!!!!!!!

Your gym is amazing. I would like to see new bench press bars, but other than that, the facility is wonderfully kept up and the staff is great.

The club is in a great location for me. I have thought about changing gyms,  but it is so close to my house.

I like the friendly atmosphere and the classes. The locker room could use some sprucing up too.

Powerhouse Family Fitness Fitness meets my physical health needs as well as mentally preparing me for the day a head of me. It is great to be able to workout and relax with no hassles, and socialize with the many friends that I have met throughout the years.

I love the sauna, I treat is as my reward for working out. I really appreciate how your staff has always been encouraging, and supportive, which is good because being extremely overweight a staff like yours makes me want to come in. The only thing I would change is Friday and Saturday hours, sometimes I am in the mood to work out on Saturdays but don’t get out of work in time. Other than that,  I love it here and wish I would come more often.

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